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Onsite Stormwater Loan Program

Onsite Stormwater Loan Program

Information and Loan Application Documents


The Ohio Water Development Authority Board created the Onsite Stormwater Loan Program in 2012. Through this program, OWDA can provide financial assistance for stormwater management projects that focus on treating stormwater at its source to minimize, avoid, or offset impacts on water resources and reduce flow to sewers or surface waters.  

For more details, see the Onsite Stormwater Loan Program Guidelines. Please note that projects must be constructed using prevailing wage.    

Applications are accepted on an open cycle.  OWDA will begin to review a project after a complete application has been received.  Your application will be presented to the OWDA Board for approval after it has been determined that the applicant has the ability to repay the loan.

For questions regarding the Onsite Stormwater Loan Program or to discuss a potential project, please contact:

          Kim Killian, Loan Officer
          480 South High Street
          Columbus, OH 43215
          Phone:   (614) 466-0228




Prior to submitting an application for the Onsite Stormwater Loan Program, please contact our Loan Officer, Kim Killian (email). The following loan application documents must be completed and submitted as individual pdfs in order to provide a complete loan application.  Click on documents in blue to download.     

  • Onsite Stormwater Loan Application 
  • Projection of Revenue/Proforma for the term of the loan requested
  • Map of the property and proposed stormwater improvements
  • Property and title access agreements
  • Proposed project schedule for the onsite stormwater work in the application 
  • Construction bid tabs or certified engineer's itemized cost estimate
  • Engineering Agreement (if applicable)
  • Rate ordinance for stormwater user charge
  • Fund reports that show revenue, expenses, and debt service reserve for stormwater fund
  • Current year operating budget for the stormwater fund
  • Most recent audit or auditor's report

The following loan application documents are required to complete the loan process; however, they may be provided to OWDA at a later date if they are not available at the time of application.  Click on documents in blue to download.

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