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NOTE:  Due to the current work from home order, the signed cooperative agreement can be uploaded with the loan submission in the loan portal or emailed to the loan officer using the email link listed below.  

Loan Application Portal

Submit your loan application through the portal. The loan application portal is quick and convenient way to submit your loan application.  By requesting a link to the loan portal, you can easily upload pdf's of your application documents directly to OWDA before the application deadline. For questions regarding the loan application process and loan application portal, please contact:

Kim Killian, Loan Officer
480 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone:   (614) 466-0228


One application per link. If you have more than one application, please request more than one link.  Review the loan application documents listed below as these documents must be completed prior to requesting a link to the loan application portal.  Click on the following link to begin the loan application portal process.  https://webforms.owda.org/forms/loanprequalification

Document uploads should be formatted as pdf documents only.  Please do not upload excel files.  Step-by-step instructions of the loan portal process are available by clicking the following link:  

The person identified as the contact person in the application portal should be the person responsible for the preparation and submission of the application.  The contact person will receive an application portal link by email and will also be the person called if there are questions on the information provided in the application.   For example, the contact person could be an RCAP representative, consultant, or the person at the local government that prepared the application and can answer questions, not necessarily the person authorized to enter into contact with OWDA for the loan.  

NOTE:  Do not use the loan application portal if you are applying to Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) or Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) programs.   Please contact your Ohio DEFA coordinator to apply for WPCLF and WSRLA.  


OWDA loan applications are due the 1st of each month, except for November (no meeting) and December.   If you are requesting additional funds to be added to an existing OWDA loan, please contact Kim Killian as a full application is not required for a supplemental loan request. 


The following loan application documents must be completed prior to requesting a link to the loan application portal.  Click on documents in blue to download.  
  • Loan application 
  • loan application instructions
  • Projection of revenue (in application)
  • Rate ordinance (current rates/tap in fees)
  • Current year operating budget
  • Construction bid tabs (required for construction loan requests)
  • Engineering agreement (required for planning/design loans; only required for construction loans if engineering costs are included in the construction loan)
The following loan application documents are required to complete the loan process; however they may be provided to OWDA at a later date if they are not available by the application deadline.  Click on documents in blue to download.
The following loan application documents can be uploaded in the loan portal or emailed to the loan officer after the loan application has been submitted. Click on documents in blue to download.


Description of the Local Government Agency Loan Program offered by OWDA to all Ohio counties, cities, villages and organized water/sewer districts. (PDF) Download 


Apply for a Brownfield loan or credit enhancement to clean up contaminated property, especially in urban areas. (PDF)
Click here for ODSA loan application link.


Apply for an Alternative Stormwater loan for design and construction of green infrastructure as part of economic development projects. (PDF)
Click here for ODSA loan application link.
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