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Audit And Accounting Info

Peruse our extensive Loan Status system for audit and accounting information. Select the Agency Name, then the applicable Loan Number. A variety of reports are available including an audit confirmation, an amortization schedule, and loan information in summary and detail form. Audit and Accounting Information to enter this Loan Status system.

1. The Opening window provides a Search field for loan information by Agency of County name. Or the entire alphabetical list may be viewed by scrolling a page at a time using the numbers at the bottom of the window.

2. Click on Loan number listed to see the status of the Application, Disbursements or Repayments for that loan.

3. A Loan Summary report shows totals for the amounts financed, disbursed and repaid over the life of the loan. It may be viewed on screen or printed.

4. A Loan Detail report showing each transaction for the loan in a specified time period also may be viewed on screen or printed.
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