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Interest Rates


6/1/2023 - 6/30/2023

Fresh Water Program
Market Rate

Loan Terms 5 to 20 Years:  3.75%
Loan Terms 21 to 30 Years:  4.00%

Fresh Water Program
Community Assistance

Loan Terms 5 to 20 Years:  1.55%
Loan Terms 21 to 30 Years:  1.80%

Loan Advance Program

Loan Term up to 3 Years: 4.39


Loan Terms 5 to 20 Years
Standard Rate: 2.50%
WPCLF Small Systems:  2.00%
DWAF Small Systems:  2.00%

Loan Terms 21 to 30 Years
Standard Rate:  2.70%
WPCLF Small Systems:  2.20%
DWAF Small Systems:  2.20%

Loan Terms 31 to 45 Years *
Standard Rate:  2.85%
WPCLF Small Systems:  2.35%

* Applies to WPCLF Program only.

Refinance Rates

Estimated as of May 25th, 2023*
10 Year Term Tax-Exempt: 3.13%
20 Year Term Tax-Exempt: 3.14%
30 Year Term Tax-Exempt: 3.87%

10 Year Term Taxable: 4.75%
20 Year Term Taxable: 5.00%
30 Year Term Taxable: 5.37%

* Rates are based on the market rate as of the date listed and using the weighted average maturity (“WAM”) for each loan term. Based upon an assumed level payment amortization, a 10-year loan is estimated to have a WAM of 5 years, a 20-year loan a WAM of 11 years and a 30-year loan a WAM of 16 years.

Loan Application Deadline

The OWDA Board meets the last Thursday of the month during January to October; and the second Thursday in the month of December. Applications are due the 1st of the month that the loan will be approved. For December approval, the loan application is due on November 1st.

Refinance loan applications are accepted on open cycle.

Dupont-Cloverdale Wastewater Plant Receives Recognition with OWDA Funding LOANS

The U.S. Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund George F. Ames Performance and Innovation in the SRF Creating Environmental Success Program (PISCES) recognizes projects that demonstrate leadership in innovative financing, system partnerships, community engagement, public health protection, and creative solutions. The 2022 PISCES program has recognized the Village of Dupont and the Village of Cloverdale for their exceptional focus on the environment and public health.

The Village of Dupont and the Village of Cloverdale received funding from OWDA for a regionalized project to construct a regional wastewater treatment plant between Dupont and Cloverdale and an individualized septic tank effluent pump collection system in each community. The funds eliminated 186 failing or compromised home sewage treatment systems.

OWDA awarded the Village of Dupont a $268,792.75 Fresh Water planning loan at 3.12% and a $4,000,000.00 WPCLF Principal Forgiveness loan. Additionally, the Village received a $500,000.00 Un-Sewered Area grant.

OWDA awarded the Village of Cloverdale $902,250.27 WPCLF loan at 0.00% and a $500,000.00 Un-Sewered Area grant at 0.00%.

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The Ohio Water Development Authority is seeking research and development proposals to address issues related to wastewater, drinking water, water resource management, solid waste management and energy resource development in Ohio. Applications are being accepted until Friday, June 2, 2023.

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The Ohio Water Development Authority awarded $6.8 million through low interest loans to Ohio communities to improve wastewater and drinking water infrastructure and make water quality improvements for Ohioans. For the month of April, the Authority funded 3 projects that will provide improvements and replace aging infrastructure. The 3 awarded projects received an interest rateof 3.35%.

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The Ohio Water Development Authority announces its upcoming sale of Water Pollution Control Loan Fund Revenue Bonds, Series 2021A. This will be OWDA's first issuance of Green Bonds, marking OWDA's commitment to environmental responsibility.

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REVISED Fresh Water Construction Loan Application

On May 27, 2021, the OWDA Board approved changes to the interest rate discount for construction loans in the Fresh Water Loan Program guidelines. The loan application has been updated to show these changes, which are effective with the July 1, 2021 application deadline. Additional information is located on the Construction/Planning Loan Program. 

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Refinance Logo On January 28, 2021, the Ohio Water Development Authority Board approved the program guidelines for the Fresh Water Refinance Loan Program. Through this program, OWDA can refinance the debt for drinking water, wastewater, and storm water projects. Fresh Water Program loans, Water Pollution Control Loan Program loans, and the Drinking Water Assistance Fund Program loans are not eligible for this program. Click here for additional information.

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