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Privacy Statement

The Ohio Water Development Authority recognizes the importance of privacy to our web site visitors. Therefore, visitors should be aware of the following information.


Visitors should be aware that, subject to certain statutory exceptions, most documents and records maintained by the OWDA, including but not limited to electronic data, are public records under Ohio law. Therefore, information submitted through this web site may be subject to disclosure pursuant to a public records request.


In order to generate usage statistics to help us improve our web site, we automatically collect site statistics on every visitor to our web site. However, this information does not include "personal information" (such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.). Each time a request is made to view a page within this web site, our web site creates a log file capturing generic user information. Examples of this type of information includes the type of Internet browser and computer operating system you are using, display resolution, country of origin, the date and time you accessed this site, and the Internet address of the site from which you may have linked to this site.

All information collected may be analyzed for trends and statistics.


Any personal information voluntarily provided by visitors, including personal information submitted through online forms and e-mail, will be used for the purposes stated on the web page. Information submitted through this web site also may be subject to disclosure pursuant to a public records request.


Visitors who submit information via this web site should be aware that data linking your computer to this web site (a "cookie") may be created. Temporary cookies may be used when necessary to complete a transaction, to process data submitted to us online or to facilitate ongoing Internet interaction. Information collected on our web sites, including cookies, may also be subject to disclosure pursuant to a public records request.


We take very seriously the integrity of the information and systems that we maintain. Therefore, we have instituted security measures for all information systems under our control. These security measures are designed to identify attempts to tamper with this web site. Information collected through these security measures may be used in connection with a criminal prosecution or other legal proceedings.
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