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Research and Development Grant Program

Pursuant to its power to engage in research and development with respect to wastewater, water management facilities, solid waste facilities, and energy resource development facilities, OWDA has established a grant program for qualifying research and development programs. The eligible participants are Local Government Agencies (Cities, Villages, and Counties), Water/Sewer Districts, Conservancy Districts, State agencies or Institutions of higher learning that perform research and/or development.

Projects for which grants are awarded must be of such a nature that the benefits to be derived fulfill a general need in the State of Ohio that is within the scope of the powers of the Authority. Grants are subject to available funds. Priority will be given to projects that have statewide environmental and/or natural resource applications, and grantees must submit a final report. For more details, see the Research and Development Program Guidelines.

Applicants are encouraged to review the sample Participation Agreement linked HERE, and should be comfortable with the terms and language prior to submitting an R&D application. 

Since the development of the Research and Development Grant Program, OWDA has awarded grants in the areas of surface water, wastewater, drinking water, solid waste, agriculture, and public health.


June 7, 2024
Application Deadline

August 22, 2024
Public Meeting - Applicant presentations

September 26, 2024
Regularly scheduled Board meeting - Presentation of recommendations to Board

October 31, 2024
Regularly scheduled Board meeting - Board approval of R&D grants


Click HERE for the 2024 Announcement and Request for Proposals
Click HERE for the 2024 Application
Click HERE for a sample 2024 Participation Agreement

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